Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Fear Conquered

I didn’t finish the quilt today, but I did do another pass. 

 I am slow.

Large hearts in the top and bottom borders.

I am becoming more comfortable making the feathers.

Yay for me, and embracing my fears!

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Some show and tell

Is it really almost the end of March?  Where has this year gone?

I have been very quiet here on the blog.  Life has been getting in the way of quilting … but there is change in the air.

I managed to get up the nerve to do a quilt for a family member. 
A gorgeous quilt top, pieced from French General Fabric’s, and a delicious Moda backing.   

 I was asked to quilt an allover pattern, which was reasonably open.  I stared at that quilt loaded, for what seemed like days!

I decided to throw in love hearts, which were part of one of the fabrics.  Thread was a variegated, natural colour which both blends and highlights.

Next on the frame is this cute girls quilt top. 
For my cousin’s 4 year old, it is destined for her new big girls bed.
Miss J chose the layer cake, an Annela Hoy delight, Posy. 

I added some solids, coral, lilac and white.  The backing is a gorgeous batik wide back in purples, pinks and apricot.  Delicious!

 I have decided to play on this top.

First Bump-Bump feathers!

A heart motif for the border.

Micro stippled hearts, in the open blocks.

I hope to get it finished tomorrow.

Glad to be getting back into the saddle!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Summer Hoya Fun

This summer has seen my Hoya plants flourish like never before.  

My Hoya fungii, has produced 11 seed pods over the summer.  

 I managed to catch all but the first – of which I gathered approx 30 from around the plant.

My Hoya obovata also put out a single seed pod.

Using my method of enclosing the seed pod, on the plant, within a sockette. It has proven to be a wonderfully easy way of collecting the seeds.

Even if the pod opens, the seeds are unable to float away and are captured inside to be gathered and planted right away.

I have experimented with several methods of germinating and in several mediums.   

The best success has come from those I germinated in totally enclosed containers.  A medium of orchid mix, perlite and potting mix have worked well, as has sphagnum moss and vermiculite.  I have also moved them outside into a hothouse.

I am just waiting on the seedlings to put out their second set of leaves, before repotting.

I also gained a Hoya densifolia for my collection 

… and look already an umbel!

A Quilt Finish

I have showed this quilt before, in varying stages of completion.  It has been a long time coming.  My MIL picked out the fabric line and said go for it. 

This quilt top has been worked on most of last year, during the move.  I had planned to have it finished for Christmas, but as we all know, time just gets away that time of year!

I quilted a simple stipple in the patterned middle, then organic piano keys in the borders.  

I used a variegated thread for both the top and bottom, in the stipple, and a cream top thead in the borders.

The quilt finishes at a nice 84” x 84”.

All ready to gift!